Category: Decorative Objects

Farmhouse Style Throw Pillow Covers

Decorative pillows are my favorite decor item in my home! I love changing them out every once in a while to keep my decor fresh. Here I have my favorite farmhouse style throw pillow covers! They are an essential decor item in any country home!

Farmhouse Wall Clock

Here I found the perfect farmhouse style wall clock. Clocks are no longer just for telling time, they are an essential home decor item now! Has a great distressed wood look to it. This is a white clock made of wood, with black hands and distressed black roman numerals.

Popular Indoor Plants

Have you been looking to add some greenery to your farmhouse style home? Here I found some popular indoor plants to make your home feel like it belongs in the country! If you’re not a plant person and prefer not to spend much time on plants, then these plants will be perfect for you! These are all low maintenance and super easy to take care of!

Coffee Table Decorative Accents Ideas

Now that you have found the perfect coffee table for your home, let’s decorate it with these perfect coffee table decorative accents. Use these items to compliment or update the style of your home.

Wooden Puzzles For Adults

Wooden puzzles for family and guests to have either as a brain teaser for hours or a decorative item in any room! Comes with a beautiful matching wooden storage box.