Purple Flower Wall Art

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Purple Flower Wall Art

Do you have an empty wall in your home that you just can't figure out what to hang there? This purple flower wall art is the perfect art piece to add to your home. With spring and then summer around the corner this will blend right in with the warm seasons.

This is a beautiful print of lavender flowers on real wood. Comes in a perfect size of 16 x 24. You can hang this in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

This art piece will be a great compliment to a country or farmhouse style home! Anytime I see lavender it reminds me of endless fields of the beautiful countryside of France. Lavender scents are commonly used as a way to relax, so why not compliment the scent of your home with this art piece.

I love the flowers and soft colors of this art piece, it will blend right in with your home decor! My favorite part about it, is the fact that it's printed on wood and ready to hang in your home!

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