Decorative Tray for Ottoman

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Decorative Tray for Ottoman

I'm always looking for ways to organize my home and make it look clean. This beautifully carved wood decorative tray for ottoman is a must have in my home! The easiest way to make your home look clean and organized everyday!

It comes in a small size of 14 x 8. It's small enough that it won't take over your entire ottoman, yet big enough to fit your candle, decor or some yummy snacks. I love it's neutral color making it blend well with your existing furniture.

This product is perfect if you need a place to store your t.v. remote on your ottoman. It works great for snacks for a movie night with your friends. If you just want your coffee in bed, this will be just the right size. If you just need to make your living room more organized this tray is the easiest solution.

I love the beautifully carved detail of the wood! It's a simple product but the details elevate it and will make it stand out in any living room! If your home decor is rustic or farmhouse style, this tray will be the perfect accessory to your living room or kitchen.

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